Su empresa está preparada para crecer en 2023?

Is your company ready to grow in 2023?

In a challenging environment for our region, staying active and knowing how to adapt to the demands of the moment are essential skills.

With 60 days to go before the end of 2022, many companies are already beginning to consider the objectives for the next year.

Among the objectives are the billing goals and the average margin of the businesses that are expected to be carried out during the next year.
What will be the growth strategies to achieve those objectives and in what terms they will be achieved.
An analysis of relationships is also carried out, both with collaborators and with suppliers and customers.

When analyzing the relationship with suppliers, it is studied what was the volume of purchase, sale and also the relationship; but they often forget to analyze the average margin of the business that was carried out in particular with each supplier.

This point is as important in the evaluation, as any of the others, since companies must have a healthy profit margin, which allows their development and growth.

It is of little use to be selling large quantities if the business profit barely covers the budget needs of the company.
Working with the same suppliers that other companies in the market work with, directly affects their benefit in each project or business with clients, since they all offer the same product, with few possibilities of differentiating themselves from the competition and the businesses end up being defined by the proposal. lower cost to the customer.

At this point, we at Pos & Office can help you obtain better benefits in 2023.

Our strategy is based on long-term positioning, developing lasting relationships with our business partners in each country, avoiding direct competition and thus helping to have competitive, quality products with better margins that will help your company can achieve its growth targets for the coming year.

Email us at and we'd be happy to set up a meeting to talk more about it.
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