Ventajas de escoger un fabricante innovador vs fabricantes tradicionales

Advantages of choosing an innovative manufacturer vs traditional manufacturers

Why choose a lesser known but more profitable POS technology brand?

When it comes to choosing a Point of Sale (POS) technology brand, many business owners are swayed by the prestige and popularity of the best-known brands on the market. However, this decision may not be the best one, since there are other less well-known brands but with more benefits in terms of profitability, opportunities and competitiveness. In this article, we will explain why you should consider a POS brand with these characteristics.

Higher profit percentage

One of the main advantages of choosing a Point of Sale brand with less recognition is that it usually offers a higher percentage of profit for distributors. This is because these brands have a lower production and advertising cost, which allows them to offer more competitive and attractive prices to end customers, without sacrificing the quality or functionality of their products. At the same time, these brands usually offer better conditions and profit margins for distributors, which translates into greater profitability for your business.

More opportunities to win new business

Another advantage of choosing a Point of Sale brand with less recognition is that it opens up more opportunities for you to obtain new business and clients. This is because these brands have lower market penetration and saturation, meaning there is less competition and more potential demand. In addition, these brands usually offer innovative and personalized solutions for each type of business, which allows you to differentiate yourself from the standard offer and adapt to the specific needs of each client. Thus, you will be able to capture the attention and trust of consumers, and build their long-term loyalty.

Win large accounts where traditional brands already have other distributors positioned

One more advantage of choosing a lesser-known POS manufacturer is that it allows you to win large accounts where traditional brands already have other distributors positioned.
Generally, traditional manufacturers already have assigned distributors and do not open the opportunity for other companies to grow and obtain large accounts.
Working with manufacturers that do not have the seniority or positioning that traditional manufacturers have, opens opportunities in clients and projects that until now have been "blocked" by those traditional manufacturers, being able to win large businesses with clients that until now were not possible to access.

Faster support

Finally, it is possible to obtain better technical response times, especially when you have the option of purchasing spare parts and parts together with equipment, reducing transportation costs and delivery times.


As you have seen, choosing an alternative Point of Sale manufacturer, less recognized but full of benefits and opportunities, can be a very smart and profitable decision for your business.

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