Black Friday, la fecha de compras más importante del año.

Black Friday, the most important shopping date of the year.

Next Friday, November 25, Black Friday is celebrated, the most important shopping date of the year.

The Black Friday phenomenon originally began in the United States, later spreading globally and being a recognized date in much of the world.

This purchase date is consolidated in Latin America and more and more companies carry out actions aimed at attracting customers and increasing their sales; to achieve this, the use of technology is one of the main allies.

Through different tools that integrate both software and hardware, the customer's shopping experience on dates of high demand, such as Black Friday, can be strongly favored.

Point of sale systems that are integrated with the different areas of the company, to have online product inventory, integrated sales in real time, obtaining data not only from the different branches but also from online sales and through different ecommerce platforms.

With regard to equipment, having data collectors to record inventory movements in real time, order preparation, merchandise entry and other tasks, helps in processes and reduces errors in data capture.

Different equipment in the front office of the business improves the customer experience, such as self-service kiosks, digital signage and price verifiers, among many other equipment.

Through them, you can interact with the customer and generate various actions that improve the physical shopping experience in the store.

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