La tecnología 5G avanza en América Latina

5G technology advances in Latin America

The arrival of 5G in Latin America is becoming more visible every day.

In addition to the most recent network developments, such as the cases of Mexico and Brazil, there are various bidding processes for the concession of spectrum suitable for 5G use in different countries of the region.

Chile is one of the countries that has taken the lead in the development of new technology in LATAM and already has national coverage by the main operators; while Brazil already has several of its main cities that have 5G coverage and many others are in the process of implementation; like Mexico, which is following the same path.

Globally, Latin America is one of the regions furthest behind in terms of the implementation of 5G networks and governments must make efforts to move faster since various new fields of development are based on this technology and positioning themselves early will allow the development of industries 4.0, as well as new developments in existing industries.

By 2025, 5G technology is expected to be responsible for 25% of global connections, according to the GSMA, which expects previous technologies to lose ground, with 4G having 55% and still being predominant, while 3G and 2D will continue to lose ground. until reaching only 16% and 5% respectively.

Continuing with the study carried out by the GSMA, in three years Latin America will have 82 million 5G connections, which represents 11% of the global total.

The implementation of 5G networks will enable the development of new industries, generating new jobs that up to now do not exist or are not relevant in the labor market; It is important that our countries make efforts to position themselves as attractive destinations for these new industries, which will generate qualified and well-paid jobs, which would improve the economic situation of thousands of families in Latin America.

The opportunities for companies that sell infrastructure and equipment for 5G networks are great.

With the advancement of technology, companies and people will need the appropriate equipment to be able to operate, opening opportunities for the sale of new devices that allow the use of 5G networks.

5G-enabled phones are already available from several major brands of business equipment, as well as manufacturers of rugged smartphones.

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